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Aug 21 / Michael

Two new reviews! Wonderful luck: an elf and a duck!


There are two fantastic new reviews of Gentlemen! The first is on Guys Lit Wire, and I feel like running out and shouting that in the street. I frickin’ love Guys Lit Wire. My main goal in writing Gentlemen was to provide something cool, relevant, and new for boy readers, who are badly underserved these days. That’s what Guys Lit Wire does every day, and it is a thrill to be on there. The review is by the ever-cool Shelf Elf. It’s fantastic. Check out this opening. The Shelf Elf is a magical creature with extreme powers of prose:

Summer is a great time for thriller reading. There’s something about the heat that brings out intense laziness that needs to be embraced. There’s no fighting it. What better way to say yes to lazy than by grabbing a great mystery and spending the whole day reading? Michael Northrop’s recent debut novel, Gentlemen, is the perfect title for exactly this sort of summer indulgence. Dark, thought-provoking and genuinely creepy, this story will grab you in a second, and leave you thinking when your reading marathon is done.

The second review is from Sarah at Book Duck. I want to go shout that in the streets, too: Book Duck! How cool is that? And the blog is all it’s quacked up to be. It is an excellent review and very perceptive. Here is my favorite part:

While Gentlemen may sound like a typical mystery novel, it’s not all clues and snappy dialogue. Rather, it’s a group of boys trying to get through school and life; finding Tommy is important to them, but it doesn’t completely consume their attention.

Micheal is a likeable, realistic main character with an appealing first-person voice . . . and even though he makes plenty of questionable decisions and spends a considerable amount of his freetime scoping out girls, drinking, and smoking, I never stopped rooting for him.

You can click below for the full reviews, but to recap: Hooray! Shelf Elf! Book Duck! What a wonderful thing it is to have such creatures in this world.

Guys Lit Wire review of Gentlemen
Book Duck review


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  1. ACW / Aug 21 2009

    “What a wonderful thing it is to have such creatures in this world.”: Indeed! 😉

    🙂 Anne

  2. Michael / Aug 21 2009

    Thanks! I wonder if there’s a Tome Gnome out there somewhere…

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