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Mar 28 / Michael

Anticipation . . . [pause] . . . Annn-tissss-i-pay-ay-shunnn!

My new YA novel officially comes out on April 1st. Today is March 28th. Do you see how tantalizingly close those two dates are? Close enough, in fact, that the book is already out in many places. Amazon and Barnes & Noble have started shipping it, and there have been numerous sightings of ROTTEN in the wild. I signed a stack of them at Books of Wonder on Sunday, and here’s a shot from ever-awesome Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY.

Who’s a good book?

So when people ask me if my book is out yet, I say, “Kind of?” That is confusing, and I am conflicted enough already! But in a few short excruciatingly long days, ROTTEN will officially be published. It’s not like I expect confetti to drop from the roof of the world or anyone to hand me one of those oversized novelty checks (haha! Can you imagine? It would say “You already spent it, Michael”). It’s just that I’ll be able to stop saying “kind of” and to spend a solid day tweeting things like “You want the woof? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE WOOF!” Man, if I don’t sell at least three books and lose at least 80 followers on Twitter on Monday, I’m not even trying.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to stay busy: freelancing, ghostwriting, one dogzillion guest blogs and interviews… Last night I spent an hour picking out a toy for a photo shoot. Well, this one blog asked me for a photo, anyway. Whatever, I got a “Darth Maul Ultimate FX Lightsaber,” and yes that is a business expense. See you on the 1st, people! I can’t frickin’ wait!


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  1. Rayin / Mar 28 2013

    Ohmigod. Is all I can say.

  2. Michael / Mar 28 2013

    Thanks, Rayin!

  3. perfect greige / Sep 27 2016

    Thanks for finally talking about >Anticipation .

    . . [pause] . . . Annn-tissss-i-pay-ay-shunnn!
    | Michael Northrop <Loved it!

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